How To Find People Free of Charge

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Taking time to learn (and not only looking for search tools) about finding people for free is the most importat part when looking for anyone. In fact it is one of the key ways to do a people search free of cost.

Most people finder sites will offer you a supposedly free people locator serviceonly to charge you once you hit the “search” button. They ask you to key in the first name, last name, city, ZIP or postal code, state or province and when you hit the search button they tell you how much it will cost you to complete your search.They essentially offer you a free search, not free results.There are some few tips on how to find someone for free by using these (work around) and more services but of course you will need to learn about them first. So if you are trying to find your long lost friend, class mate, ex boyfriend, girlfriend or relative you are in the right place.


Don’t be like the millions of people out there who have been scammed by ruthless people search sites that will charge your credit card for life without you knowing it and only to find the information presented has long expired.

What We Are All About

In this site we will show you exactly how to find a person online using no cost methods. Since this website site is a how-to guide of people search, our aim is to do just that – offer you a list of how to search for people guides by using various methods Such as searching by name, by email address, by SSNs, by cell phone number, by street address or simply by name or surname. More on this later

We even offer you comprehensive guides on how to do reverse people searches. This means if you have a phone number we will show you how to do a reverse phone number search – this way you can find information about a person by using the piece of info that you have. We will show you how to do reverse searches using any type of a person’s profile info.

How this people search site works – No Tricks, No Scams

It is important to understand that this site is a people search guide on how to find people for free. We will recommend people search engines, sites and tools you can use but our focus is more on empowering you with information you can use to locate any person for free.Our reasoning is that there is always a price to pay.

If you want to find a person at no cost then you should be prepared to give up your time and learn some tips. If you are in a rush & can spare a few dollars then you can simply go to a search engine like spokeo (see following link)

Here you can Search anybody by name, e-mail address, phone number, online username or even friends in your address book and instantly return lots of info. and be done in a matter of minutes. We prefer that you learn to do it for free.

We suggest you bookmark this site and come back to it as often as you can to read about a new how to find people for free tip we put up. This help site has helped many to locate their friends and relatives. So we encourage that you give it a try. On your return simplt use the domain name and you land right back on this site

People Search How-To-Guides – What to expect

As we have already mentioned, this website seeks to help those looking to find people absolutely free of charge i.e. using a previous address, license plate, and all that was mentioned above. Using the tips provided here you should be able to do an effective people search in no time.

There are more than 6.8 billion people in the world and that alone is almost discouraging when you set out to do a people search on the internet.

Let's start with the realities. The internet brings together about 2 billion people to date (this is according to: worldstats), which means excluding other internet technicalities you have about 30% chance of finding someone when you are using the internet. This probability only improves when considering specific countries that we discuss below.

This probability is further reduced by some other factors which we discuss throughout this website such as people not using their real name when surfing the web or are members of "closed" or unsearchable web groups. To find people on the web is not easy yes but the process of searching can be learnt and applied successfully.

Before you go far on your learning on how to find people for free, it is important to accept the probability that your person of interest does not use the internet and his or her address is therefore not listed any where online. The probability to find info on people varies by country e.g. If you are looking for someone living in a country where internet reach is very low then you might not find the person's profile or details at all but if you are talking about a regional search for countries like the US, United Kindgom (UK), Canada, Mexico, Australia, Germany, and Denmark then you stand a better chance.

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

Lastly, This is not a site that is meant to promote invasion of people's privacy - while you try to find contact info or to find info on people please respect other people's privacy, before you dig any deeper, remember to acknowledge the fact that this person might not want you to find him or her. I am obligated to bring to your attention the The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). This is a U.S. law that also protects personal privacy, so while you are out looking for someone's information bare it in mind that their privacy is protected by law.

Our Community

Millions of people have visited this site looking for steps they can use to check or lookup their friends or colleagues. The came looking for information on how to find people for free and took the time to read, interact and share with others . We encourage you to join our community on Facebook and on this site and share your Q&A on finding people – people are willing to help you learn abouthow to find people for free.

Tip: always make sure to check the BB Rating of most of the people search sites before you waste your time on them.