About This website &  How It Works

FindFree-People-Friends.com is a website that offers information on how to find people online. It is not a site that offers tools to do the actual searching, there are thousands of such sites online but there are only a few people search sites that offer helpful content on how to do the actual searches.

Think about us as an information hub on helping you understand the world wide web of people searching. It is, in fact different from the web that you know and use everyday. Thousands of people expect to find a search site where they can simply enter a people search query and expect to get instant results like they do on Google. However, things don’t work exactly the same in the people search web; not every “query” can be answered by a search site because the web doesn’t hold information about people – well not in the size and maginitude you’d expect.

To make matters worse, the thousands of people search sites we’ve mentioned above tend to draw their information from one people database. They sign up to be an affiliate of the main site and then register a new domain to front as a totally different service. This means as you hop from one site to the other, you are basically wasting your time and energy and as we’ve seen before – you will get frustrated and start venting on forums and social networks about how the sites are scams.
We help you get less frustrated, true there are some sites we recommend that will want you to pay but that’s because we believe in them and what they can do for you but in most cases we simply tell you what to do and where to search.

Every article or people search guide has been created to provide a tip or an idea on how to go about doing your search online. Don’t underestimate the power of the information contained in this site; with the accumulated knowledge from the different articles, you can literally search and find anyone free of charge from friends, family, work collegues, professionals etc.

So do take the time to keep visiting the website and also sign up for our newsletter so we can send you some new people search ideas you can try out.

So in a nutshell, when they ask you who we are – tell them: we are a people search guide that offers information on how to find people for free online. We connect you with relevant sites, give you useful search tips and also introduce you to a community of people searchers just like you (imagine the ideas you can get from participating in our community – so do connect with us today).

Get in touch: findfreepeoplefriends@gmail.com