How To Find A Long Lost Friend Free Online @ No Charge 

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As you go through this page, you will come across a number of tips on how to find friends, colleagues and even relatives online.

In this particular page, we are going to look at one powerful method that you can use to find long lost friends . It is not the only way but if you try it - it may just be the only one you need to find your old buddy. While we offer a number of options you can use in people search, in this guide we simply recommend that in order to locate

long lost buddies at no cost, you should make yourself findable. There is a better chance the long old time friend you are looking for is also looking for you online. The best thing you can do then is to leave what is known as a digital trail for this person to follow. Set it up and let it stay and do the search on auto pilot. Read more about this below;

Tip #1 Start up a blog

One of the easiest ways to establish your presence online is through blogging. Go to Blogger.comorWordpress.orgto set up your free blog in about three easy steps. All you will need to enter is your name, your email, your blog name and your log in password - just like that you will have your own space online.

In order to ensure effectiveness through this method, remember to give your blog a name that the friend may easily identify when searching for you online. You can also use other free people finder methodsthat are as effective.

Tip #2 Social or interactive websites

One of the ways to do this search is through signing up on social or interactive websites. These websites bring together hundreds of thousands of people together and you can have access to their membership list - if you are also a member.

These services are usually free like on or So sign up on those sites and when providing your profile do remember to use what the old friend you are looking for will remember and probably recognize you with. In fact we have put together great info on Facebook people search.

Tip #3 Find Friends By Posting Messages on Forums

Another interactive activity you may use in your people searching is the use of message boards or forums. You must first try to remember what the friend in question used to like or enjoy then sign up on forums that offer those activities.

Most importantly, if you are using the strategy recommended here i.e. to leave a trail for your friend, then you should also sign up on forums that are based on what YOU like. After all the friend of yours might come across this article and start looking for you on forums that discuss topics you like.

Tip #4 Find lost friends through Article writing and submission

Article writing or content marketing is generally used by online marketers seeking to promote their websites. They write up some short articles that relate to the topic of their site and then submit it on article directories and web 2.0 sites.

These article directories publish the article on their site and also distribute it to thousands of their members through syndication.

Anyone else is also allowed to copy and use the article on his or her site. The only condition is to ensure that one leaves the article intact. This is the catch, so to find a lost friend through article writing, you would have to write about topics that might be of interest to your friend and then add your name on the bio section of the article.

If you use top article directories like then you are almost guaranteed that the article will show up on top in search engines when someone searches for your kind of information. This way you will stand a better chance to find your long lost friend free online. Remember the more articles you submit, the better chance you have of having your friend come across one of your articles and consequently finding your contact details.




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