How to Find Someone with a GPS For Free

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Welcome to the world of technology. Did you know that now you can be able to find someone with a GPS for free? First and for most   GPS  stands for Global Positioning System. This system use was made for military activity which was to locate their enemies without them noticing

Nowadays we can use it to locate places and even locate our closest friends. This seems like people are now obsessed with tracing each other and this system works best. You ask yourself “is this even illegal?” Well just simply read the following guide to find out if it’s possible to do so.

How GPS works

Well let’s say you have the GPS but you don’t know where to begin in as far as utilizing it is concerned, let me tell you how it works; the GPS operates by calculating the distances between two locations from three aerials on the orbit via digital signals that get transmitted and the receiver should be able to modulate the signal sent back as feed back to the person so it pin points the directions.

Cell phones and cars also use the same technology to locate places, and if the individual you want is emitting the same signal then it’s easy for you to  find someone with a GPS free.

GPS is incorporated to Mobile phone

If you would like to trace someone who perhaps is operating a mobile phone, the mobile phone should at least be enabled with GSM or GPS so that it’s easy for you to  find them. This software can be incorporated to any mobile phone, even one that is not GSM or GPS enabled.

You can find someone with a GPS free of charge if the person you want has a mobile phone that has the same features. The accuracy of the system differs depending on the country you are tracking  from. This is because if you want to find someone with a GPS for free  you would first have to check the different areas (square area) of each country for example the USA, South America and Canada their area is about 25 sq km. Other countries anywhere in the world have at least more than 50sq and the UK has around 10sq.




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