How To Find Residential Address Online

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Reasons that make people look for residential address vary from person to person. I can only assume yours but the bottom line is you need to find it. This might be because you are thinking of paying the person a visit as a surprise or just want to pay them a plain visit. I hope it’s not for stalking though.

 Whatever the case, it is important enough to make you dedicate your precious time and try to locate that address.  Let’s take this time and look at some of the ways available for you online to find that much needed address.

Our address look up will be determined by the type of information at hand. It’s possible to search with a name only or telephone number. Extra details can help refine the search process to be more accurate. We are going to look at the steps to follow for such a process below.

Usually when you enter people search details (name, phone number, cell phone number, photo or email) on Google, Bing or Yahoo, a result would show up. You might not be that lucky with such a search.

So it is a good idea to consider using search sites wholly dedicated to such search activities. They dedicate time to aggregate such data for their databases on regular bases. Patience will be a necessity here since the sites are countless. It’s much worse when it comes to the methods that you can try out for a search.

#1. Look Up from the White Pages

Searches of this nature need that you consider the White Pages as an important stop. The White Pages has listings on people, their phone numbers and addresses. It is leading people database in the US. It is possible though that they might not produce desired results so other options are there for your search.

#2. Search with a Name

Most people search sites will let you search by name. You have to enter the name, middle initial, surname and location (city, state, zip) and search. Search results normally include full name, address, phone number and any other details available online on the individual. If no result show up try using aliases as well.

You may also try searching with the name only without the surname. Try to play around with the search patterns until you are satisfied. You can run this search on standard search engines like Google or on one of those people search engines like white pages mentioned earlier.

#3. Search with a Phone Number

You will also find phone number look up options from most people search sites. If you have a phone number to search with you can use these sites. You will need to include area code in your search.

 Results may involve full name, address and other available information from their databases. Another choice might be to just call the number and ask for the address. Some of these sites will let you search by cell phone number too.

#4. Search from Social Sites

You will need to register and be a member to search from these social networks. One appropriate example is Facebook. This social network boasts of more than 1.5 billion users.  

You can search by entering the details on the person that you have (name, aliases, or phone number, etc) and search. If the person is a member on the site their details will pop up. You can then look for the address from them. Another good example to try out would be LinkedIn.

#5. Search by Email

In cases where you have the email address only, follow these steps; You will first have to visit sites that let you search by email to find out who owns the email address before locating the residential address.

You can also try looking an email address from social sites like Facebook. A lot of people use them when registering on social sites. Once you have found the owner of the email look for their address from any of these people search engines.

#6. Search by Zip Code/ Area Code

You can find a number of sites that will help you do a search by area or zip code online. Searching with area/ zip code will help narrow down your search results.

 Some search sites have options where you can perform your search from angles like area code, zip code, and city or state. You enter the person’s name and the zip/ area code, city or state and search. You should use these options if you are sure about them though.

#7. Other Options

You might consider visit the locations clerk who has records on local residents. The school district is also said to be a place that keep records. You can visit court records to find residential address history too. That is where you will come across details on who ever lived on that address. This process may take hours to perform since you have to go through the records yourself.

Free trial people search sites are an excellent choice too. There are those that will let you conduct searches on a trial bases to let you check them out. There are also those that will let you do one time searches at a certain fee. These sites let you join for unlimited searches and charge monthly fees. You have to provide information like your credit record details on them.

Careful consideration should be taken when it comes to them because some tend to cheat people of their money. There are cases where people opted out from them but the sites continued to charge them.

#8. Locating the Address

In situations whereby you now have the address in your hand and are looking to find it at that moment you can try the following tips. Get a GPS device and use it to locate the place.

Enter the address in your GPS device. You can also use a map of the city or town you are looking to find the address from. Find the street you are looking to find and note the coordinates. Then compare them with where you are for the direction to take.

You can also ask for directions to the address from local people like taxi drivers or the police. Those are some of the tips you can try for finding a residential address for free online. Don't forget the power of Google Maps