How To Do A Google People Search

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Google is a search engine that strives to give up to par features that will help you find the exact information you are looking for on the web. A people search on Google is as diverse as they come and to conduct one an individual should know the ways to go about it. To maximize your search and find the look up options that can work for you, try the steps that will be discussed below. These steps are some of the people search tricks offered by Google that you can use to find people.

They will be briefly discussed so you can pick the one that you think can work for you.Usually the more search data you have for your search the easier and faster it will be to reach your results. If the information is available online it will show up.

#1. Search Using a Name


You can use this Google people search if you are looking to find a phone number or address. You just type in the name of the individual in quotation marks and search. If you are familiar with their location you can use it too on your search.

This goes for place of employment or any other activity the person is associated with. A search of this nature will result in information like full name, address, phone number, business information and lots of other details on the person that are available online.

#2. Use Plus (+) and Minus (-) Keys


If you are looking to filter your results you can use the plus (+) sign for your search too. Say you are looking for college information about the person. You type the name of the individual, then the plus sign and “college” and search. If you don’t want college information on your search you type the name of the person then the minus sign (-) and search. All other details will show up except for college information.

#3. Reverse People Search

With information like phone number you can find details like name, address and business details on a person. For a phone number search, type in the phone number plus area code on the search box and search. If the person used it anywhere online it will show up. Google stopped its phonebook operator in 2010 after overwhelming requests from users seeking to be removed from their databases. This has made phone look ups a bit unbalanced.

#4. Google Maps


Google Maps can help you locate an address online. You only have to type the address you are looking to find on Google Maps and search. Outcomes from such a search involve names, phone numbers, addresses, directions to locations, aerial view of the place you are looking for. Useful tool when it comes to directions.

#5. Search with Missing Person Finder

Google person finder

This search service was created to help people search for their friends and relatives after a disaster. Disasters tend to displace people and this site help to reunite them. You can search for a person here; Google Missing Person Finder. It has a dedicated team that operates 24/7 to help people find their lost loved ones. You can search by name and photo from here. The information from here is provided by individuals and organizations.

#6. Use Google Images


You can search for a photo or with a photo from Google Images. When searching with a photo, you usually get a hit if the photo you are searching with is available on their database. A number of individuals have their photos on the internet. You can find photos as your search result when you search from here also. You can try a number of ways to search by image on Google that works.

#7. Search by Gmail

With that Gmail you can locate the owner on Google. To search with a Gmail address you can follow these steps. You can start by clicking the Gmail option from the left top corner. Go to contacts. Type the email address in the search box and search. You can search using other details like name or other contacts. Read more

#8. Use a People Tracker/ Apps

Google play search bar

You can find a tone of these apps from Google Play. They use latest GPS technology to track any person and give precise location. You can install it on your phone and that of friends and family and you will know each other’s locations all the time. An example is the GPS Tracking Pro which utilizes 28 satellites to give you the exact location of a person. This is one of the ways for a Google people search that you can try. Read more.

#9. Blog Search

Google Blog Searches are performed like other types of Google searches where you type in the search query and wait for your results. The blogs that have the information you are looking for will then show up and you will search from them. Read more.

#10. Google News Alert

Go to the Google News and type in the keyword on news alert. Next you will be asked to specify to type of news that interest you, and how often should you be updated with them and sign in with your email address. After that you will receive not only news but also Google Groups, Answers and a lot more.

#11. Search with Google Earth

Google Earth lets you go to any place with any device free of charge. It lets you view satellite imagery, watch any terrain, maps and more. It can help you pinpoint any location on earth and view satellite images of it. There is also Google Earth Pro which is a business tool. It can help businesses make important decisions like planning and analysis. Businesses and governments use this application.

#12. Use Google Analytics

This is a good tool for sites who want to find statistics on who visits their sites, how popular their posts are, which search term led users to their site and where does most visitors come from. You can use it even on mobile phones.

These are some of the search options available for you on Google to find information. You can find information like full names, addresses, phone numbers, directions satellite images, business contacts and more through innovations by Google.

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