Google Missing Person’s Finder - How To Guide

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Google Person Finder was introduced to help families and friends find their loved ones after a disaster has separated them from each other. It has a registry and a message board where you can search or leave information for others who might be looking for you. Non-government agencies and other agencies can also access this data. This app is accessible through the   Person Finder API  . This app uses the  PFIF   format.

Google launched this application after the Haiti earthquake which took place in January 2010.

How it works

The first step is that a crisis will occur and force people to separate from their loved ones. This can be any natural disaster or humanitarian disaster. Through Google Person Finder they try and find their loved ones by providing information on themselves or loved ones here. Information can be either uploaded by individuals or organizations. Then friends and relatives will go and search for their loved ones here and reunite with them.

Whenever there is a crisis Google Person Finder is initiated to deal with the situation. Assistance is mostly provided by government and nonprofit organizations to put together the information to help people find each other. Google does not verify the validity of the data provided.

How to Search from here

To search from the data available here you have to fill a form requesting the API key. It will help you upload and download data from here. You are exempted from requesting for the API key if you are making your own instance of Person Finder, looking to embed Person Finder on your website or looking to test the app. You will need to provide details like your name, email address, organization’s name, organization’s website and other details to obtain the API key.

The test option is one that will save you time if you use it for a search. It allows you to easily access data or upload it.

How to Contribute

To contribute to Person Finder you may try the following:

  • Upload data on missing people for loved ones to find when searching.
  • Help improve or update current data on missing people.
  • Embed Person Finder on your website to help other people locate their loved ones.

Disasters are such a misfortune and to have a tool like this helping people find loved ones is a blessing. Suggestions to improve it are welcome on Google. You can join the public person finder mailing list  to offer your views.

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