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Google is a well known directory that will help you with information. It is the most popular search engine. What better way to use then to search for information on people than this search engine. Searching for information usually entails that you know how to do it as well as know the places or sites to visit. Lack of that knowledge might land in searches which produce no results at the end of the day.  This guide will take you through the ways to search Google’s people directory. 

Regular Google Search

To perform a search on Google, enter the details you want to look up and search. To perform a name search, type in the name on the search bar and search. Try to alternate your search methods. You can try adding details like location after the name (Mark Williams, Denver) or putting the name in quotation marks (“Mark Williams”).

Another idea is to add the person’s interests or place of employment/ profession after the name (Mark Williams + DHL) and search. This will give you results like the person’s phone number, address and other details online.

To search with a phone number, just type the phone number on the search bar and search. You will run into details like name, address and any other information associated with the number.

Searching from Google Plus

Google Plus does not have a straight forward search method but can help you find information on people. A regular search from Google Plus will give you information from people’s profiles. People usually have privacy options they apply to information on them. Even so, the data found on most profiles is sometimes made available. One suggested trick is to use Google and search like this “site: (sports)”.  

Searching from Google plus may result in information like phone numbers, address, work or profession, age, photos and more.

Other ways to use on Google Plus is to try the Google Plus search site Another such site is This is a site that lets people find jobs, clients and projects to work on.

People Plus

People plus is a search application that is going to be introduced in 2014. Its data will be from users who are willing to volunteer with it and other public sources. It is neither a social network no contact app but a tool to store data that people are willing make public. There won’t be any facial recognition attached to the information.

Google has a really amazing past when it comes to people searches online and seems to also have a bright future. With Google, you only have to “Google it”.





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