Guide To Using Google People Finder in UK 

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Most of the search engines have become localized to certain regions, examples that come to mind are Google and Yahoo. There is now Google that is UK based and you can access a Google people finder (UK) from there. To be able to use the UK Google directory all you have to do is go to . This will give you access to the UK directory of this search engine.

The directories work pretty much the same as every where. You have the option of looking for someone using the simple search where you type in the name of the person on the search engine and see if you can get any results or not. One thing that you have to make sure is that when you type in the name you put it in quotes. This way the results that are returned match the exact name that you typed. You can include the letters '+UK' to access a Google people finder (UK) search.  

There are other people locator services that you can use to trace someone as well. Since you are using the UK based directory, it will act as your Google people finder (UK). The types of search that you can carry out under this directory are just too many. Even if you had accessed an international version of this service you would still be able to narrow down the results to a strictly UK search based on the options that are there. 

If you want to access the UK Google people finder , one of the options that you have is the people search. You can then choose to search for people that are in the UK. If you want to use the Google phone Book then you can also access the UK version or the UK based directory. All you have to do is type in phonebook:UK and then carry on with the search from there. 

Like I said this service can easily be accessed from the international people finder. By choosing from the options that are there you can make it exclusively a UK search.

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