Google People Using Blog Search 

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Blogs have been one exciting form of communication and information sharing method to ever emerge from web. This is evident from the types and number of blogs that have been set up and the information they give.

To allow you to set up your own page and discuss whatever subject of interest and allow others to contribute is an amazing feat.  

To find people using blogs is possible too and we are to look at the ways to go about that below i.e to  Google people using blog search .

Search from Blog They Might be Interested in

To find a person using blogs will need you to know what subjects really interest the person. If you know that they are interested in a particular sport for instance try searching from that angle. Here are the steps to go about that:

·           Visit Google Blog Search,, Blogger Dashboard or Navbar.

·           Type the words or title you want to look up and search. If you know the blog the person posted in, type the name of the blog on the search box and search. A list of related blogs will show up.

·           To specify your search you can use the advanced option for your look up.

·           If the person you are looking to find is an author on a blog, type their name on the search bar and search.

·           To filter your results you can also use the date the person posted on if you remember it from the date range that they provide from the blogger version.

Search operators that are normally used on Google for a search are also supported on Blog Search. These include search operators like links, sites, and intitles.

There are also additional search operators that you can try for a search. These are inblogtitle, inposttitle, inpostauthor and blogurl. Here is an example; say you want to find the author (Johnson) of a blog, search like this (soccer inpostauthor:Johnson). You will find posts about soccer that were written by authors named Johnson.

All in all, you can use the name of a blog author, name of the blog, topic, dates, links and posts to Google people using Blog Search.

Google Blog Search can also help you find the latest news, latest videos and hot topics from other blogs that are trending on the blogosphere.

Blogs are more like social networks because they let people communicate on regular basis. They are informative too.




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