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Once in a while you will find yourself in a position where you have to track or trace someone  . A lot of people have found the internet to be a huge help when it comes to things of this nature. Whether you are trying to look for someone  or get information about someone   it can be done.

The internet can also be used for keeping tags on someone using the Google person tracker.

Tracking someone on the net is relatively simple, however this will largely depends on the amount and kind of information that you want. If you are looking for a service that will act like a Google person tracker then you might be interested in the Google alerts service. But for you to be eligible to use service you have to be in possession of a Gmail account, so make sure you sign up if you still need to.

Once you have signed up you can expect to be alerted on the subject or topic of your interest if it is ever mentioned on the internet. Some people use it to keep themselves updated on their favorite teams, actors or world events. You can also use this service as a person tracker. When requested for the alert that you want to receive then you type in the name of the person that you are interested in.

So each time their name is mentioned on the internet you will receive a message in your inbox with the details of when and where it was made mention of. There will also be links that will direct you to the relevant pages where the name appears. You can make the alert to be more effective by signing up using various details.

If you want this tracker  to work for you then you should include their email address as well. You can include their phone number or anything that relates to any activity that this person might be related to on the internet. So each time the service picks up the alert criteria that you requested you will get a massage in your inbox with the details.

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