Guide To Google Reverse Phone Number Searches 

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There are many things that you can use to look for people on the internet. You can use anaddress  , a phone number  or email address  . As long as that particular thing can be stored in a searchable data base, it can be used as a people search tool.

A phone number, as already mentioned is one of those tools that can be used to look for people and this can be done by carrying out a Google reverse phone number search.

Besides Google, phone numbers can be searched from other places as well. There are a number of free sites from which offer reverse phone look up services. The thing though is that most of them look up the information from the same directory and that is the white pages. A Google reverse phone number search will use the white pages but look through other places as well.

Google actually has its own telephone directory which is quite different from the normal telephone directory that you and I know. It is broken down into three sections to make searching easy. You can Google reverse phone number search a residential phone number. It is quite simple just type in, rphonebook: phone number in the search box and search.

This search will look through only the residential listings and provide results if it can find a match for the number. Alternatively if it is a business phone number that you want to search then you would type in, bphonebook: phone number. If you are unsure whether the number is a residential or business number then just simply type in, phonebook: phone number. In each of the examples phone number being the actual number that you want to look up.

Unfortunately Google does not have a directory where cell phone numbers can be searched from. They are working on something though; as this is still a grey area in as far as free searches are concerned.




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