Guide To Using Google to Find Phone Location 

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Google has developed a number of services that are aimed at taking the stress out of people searches  . These services where meant to help those that had been trying to locate people  through the Google method of searching from the search engine.

Over the years the service has improved from the initial concepts that were there and now you can even use Google to find phone location.

The first thing that you would use get the location of the phone is the Google phone directory. You can search the number from the phone directory then make use of the other services that Google has to be able to get a location of the phone.

Searching through the phone directory is quite simple as it can be done from the search engine directly. To use Google to find phone location just type in the word phonebook: then the number that you want to trace or the owner of the number.

If the person is there within the pages of the Google directory then you will get the results of that search displayed. If you searched the number then you will retrieve the name and the address of the number. If you searched using the name then you get the number and the address. The address that you retrieve from here is the one you will use on Google to find the required phone number.

The next step when using Google to find phone location would be to access the Google maps function. Actually you can access the Google maps or you can type in the name of the person or the number and the location on the search engine and search. The results of the search will also contain a map showing the exact location of the address that you searched for.

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