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We are always looking for great writers who have something new and useful to add to our knowledge base. If you are one of those people, then we are looking for you. Here is a list of what we look for in an article;

  1. Must be 100% unique and not be live anywhere else online (we check this) 
  2. Must have a unique idea and not a recited one like giving a list  of sites to use or how to use search engine, social networks etc. be as specific as possible. 
  3. Must be in align with what we are about (see about us page) 
  4. Must have at least one or two links to a trusted source 

Linking to you site

We are very particular about the sites we link to and as such we will review you site before we accept an outbound link to it from you guest post. We do not link out to “tier sites” that are meant to boost SEO value for your main site (unless it’s a valuable resource for people).


Generally we do not pay for articles, we believe that our platform is your opportunity to reach out to a community of people who are looking for your content. By providing such a platform, we are enabling you to create a follower base from which you can monetize.

If you believe your articles are worth paying for, do let us know and we will review them and make you an offer.