How to find people using people search websites

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There sometimes come a time where you might need certain details on an individual and would like to know the best way to find them online. This article will cover on how to find people using people search websites that are highly recommended in the search business. Whether you are looking to search with a name, phone number, email, address, username these sites got you covered.  It will all depend on the type of search you are looking to perform too as these sites have different capabilities and qualities. Let’s take a look at them.

#1. PiPle

piple logoThis is a search site with a difference. This is because it is able to gather information on people from what is known as the Deep Web. This is information that most search engines are not able to access since it is information that is not registered on any search engine.

The types of searches that one can conduct here involve a search by name, email, username, phone number. You look up information by providing the search details you have on their search box and search.

Results from a search on may include details like names (first and last, relatives, age and other details. For more data like phone numbers and addresses you might need to pay. Read more: Pipl

#2. Intelius

Intelius_logo.png With data that is updated on weekly basis, this is another destination worth considering for a people search. Their information is very handy especially for employers who are looking to do a background check on a prospective employee. It is also a good tool for background checks on potential dates. Other services include reverse phone look ups, identity protection and premium services.

A people search on Intelius might give details like full name, address, phone number, age, relatives and possibly date of birth. Read more: Intelius

#3. The white Pages


This is the most prominent data site that has information on people in the US. It is now possible to access the white pages from your phone for people searches and reverse phone number look ups. Their cell phone apps have made it possible to do a reverse cell phone look up. You can also look up a business from the white pages. Read more:

The outcomes from a look up from white pages include full names, phone numbers, work info and other relevant data. Read more: Whitepages

#4. Zabasearch

 zabasearch logo

Zabasearch lets you search from government and corporate databases for details like people’s full names, current and previous addresses, phone numbers age. The types of look ups you can conduct from Zabasearch involve people searches and phone number look ups. There links to premium searches which include running a background check and advanced phone number search.

You can edit your information from this site too, that is, which details you want to show up which not when people look you up. The ZabaSphere service notifies you through an email whenever someone searches for you or your friends.

A look up on this site will give result in the form of full names, phone numbers, addresses, area codes and more without a cost. For more data on your search you can try their premium options. Read more: Zabasearch

#5. My Life


Formerly known as, My life also partnered with Wink to use their online social network listings. The services that this site provides range from people searches to email check ups, search by age and viewing who searches for you. This site is different from a number of them in that it helps you keep in contact with the people you were looking for after finding them. It has social site capabilities.

The email service notifies you on any post or comments from friends on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or any social network site. You get all your notifications in one place at My Life.

Search results range from full names to phone numbers, addresses and more. You can also remove information on you from this site using their easy to follow steps. You can also opt out from their premium subscription from mylife.comRefund. Read more: Mylife


#6. 411

411 logo You will find information on people and businesses from 411 from a search. You can access data from here through search types like business look up, people search, reverse phone and address look ups and area/ zip code searches. 411 lets you search from white pages and yellow pages for data.

For people search you will need the name, last name (obligatory) and city, zip code or state of the person you are looking up. To do a reverse phone search you need the number only then you are on your way to a result. A business search needs you to provide details like category or name of the business and city then search. The area code zip code search will help find location of that area code or zip code.

Results will include details like full name, contact details, location and more such information. Read more: 411


#7. Wink

wink logo Wink will let you perform people searches from social sites as well as the web. The ability to look up from social sites has made this search site a very extensive people look up place. This has increase its search results which may include names, photos, websites, age, location, work and other details you might not run into from other search sites.

A name search from here can be done with a name, last name or username plus location. You can do an email search from here too. Other types of searches involve background checks, phone number look ups and it’s also possible to find out who is online from here. Read more: Wink

#8. Finding – People

For in depth tips on how to do a people search on the web you can try This site also links you to some of the highly ranked search sites like,, among them. There are also links to social networking sites to allow you to search from them too. Their links to telephone directories are to US and international telephone directories. This means you can search a phone from US and international directories.

Criminal records and arrest records can also be looked up here too. The college search engine caters for educational related searches. Read more: How To Find People Free of Charge

#9. Anywho

With data from the white pages and yellow pages you are sure to find information on any individual or business from

The types of searches that can land you on that information include name searches, business searches, reverse phone number searches and area, zip code and map searches. Their data is reviewed on weekly basis to stay fresh and current. Read more: Anywho

#10. Spokeo


The web crawlers from spokeo can get you data from online and offline sources for you use. This is data you can access through a name search, email search, username search, phone number search and address search.

Results from a search from spokeo might include full name, contact details, location, data from social site, music sites, details from dating sites and more.

These are some of the best people search websites known briefly discussed for you. They operate differently from each other to produce different results. So depending on the type of search you are looking to perform and the outcome you are looking for, you can now pick the best that suits you. Read more: Spokeo




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