How to Find Street Addresses  

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Do you have a city name and want to know how to find street addresses using it? Well this guide will help make things easy for you by explaining how you can use that or the person’s name  to find street address. This search is easy to conduct if you know the methods to use. 

Local Addresses 

There are times when people want to find street addresses using the street name, the person’s name or the latitude and longitude. All these searches are doable online; you just have to have enough data to use for that search. Local addresses are not that difficult to locate. Read on to learn how to find street addresses using city, name and street name.

Using Name to Look for Street Address 

Street addresses can be found using the person’s name . This lookup is done like any other regular search. Here you look for a site that conducts people searches such as . When using this site you can choose to search internationally or choose a country.

Personally I would advise you to use the international search since people can and do change their place of residence a lot and you might choose a country where they don’t reside in anymore. When searching you can choose to use the name, profession, any keyword, the city or the company where the person works.

After entering the name and searching you will get results that are divided into categories. These categories or groups are: celebrities and politicians, yellow pages, personal addresses and contacts, lawyers, employees,business profiles, education, physicians and MDs, network profiles, heritage, interests, bad news, projects, scientific publications, private homepages, books and literature, related documents, news, publications, miscellaneous, reports and statements and video and audio.

You can choose to view any of these categories but since we are looking for addresses the personal addresses and contacts category is the one you should start with. Here you just click on any of the names and you will receive results like the ones below.

You will get the results from but they are totally free, which means you won’t have to pay for anything. A map of the exact location is also available.

Using City to Find Addresses 

When using the city  and street name to look for an address you have to enter the city name, state, post or zip code and the country. This search (Geocode) will give you the universal address, longitude and latitude but if you do a reverse Geocode search you will get the street address.

So to get the Geocode you have to enter the verification code that is given at the top then continue to add the other data such as street address/intersection (you can leave it blank if you don’t know it), Or point of interest (you can also leave this one blank), city, province/state and country.

Since we don’t really want the Geocode we let it finish searching for the universal address, latitude and longitude. Once everything is done then you choose to reverse Geocode to get the street address. This search is ideal if you want to know how to find people for free with an address.

This search is accurate and also offers a map with the location. So this is one of the best ways you can use if you want to find street addresses free or want to find people for free.

I hope you will be able to find the street address you want and locate the person you want soon. You can bookmark this page for future reference.

Additional information

You can find street addresses using the city or state’s longitude and latitude. All you do is enter the latitude number and the longitude numbers then search.

For example if you are looking for a person in Alaska in the capital, Juneau then you can enter the longitude to be -134.419740 and the latitude to be 58.301935 then search. The results page will show you the street address.




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